Who am I?

I am a web developer that started to use Drupal in 2007 and since then I was amazed almost every day by this CMS. Even though many people say that Drupal is not so user friendly, or it does not have such a rich user interface as others CMS-es have, like Joomla, I find Drupal having a very good balance between what you can do with "clicks" and how easy is to extend the functionality (usually with custom code). I don't pretend that I know many frameworks, I only worked a bit with CakePHP, a bit with CodeIgniter, some hours with Joomla and the same thing with Zend, but I liked Drupal from the first day I saw it. The reason: I just like how the code is organized and the hooks concept were so natural for me.
So, here I am, after a couple of years in which I programmed mainly in Drupal, I decided to start and publish my modules here (and, if the guys from Drupal want, also on drupal.org). Here you will be able to find my modules, discuss about them and give any feedback that you think it is necessary. But, for the moment, I am still working on this site, so please visit me again soon because you may find interesting things here.